Identification and ranking measures affecting electronic shopping in Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



Internet as a new channel for economic exchanges has provided new sources for income and
opportunity for businesses. It has changed customer's expectations about speed, accuracy, and
price and services basically. Awareness of expectations and demands of electronic customers
has significant role in their satisfaction and survival of such businesses. Therefore in this
investigation, measures affecting on electronic shopping has been identified by library studies
and reviewing previous researches and interview. Then the most significant items were chosen
by Delphi Fuzzy method and Questionnaire were distributed among customers of an internet
shop with 5-Likret spectrum .by using collected data of 120 Questionnaires, measures affecting
electronic shopping on customers point of view were prioritized. Finally, some suggestions
were offered based on results in order to enhance customers' satisfaction level and Iranian
customer tendency to buy from electronic shops.
Hope such investigations in Iran make a suitable bed for spreading internet businesses in this