Students Participation Development in University

Document Type : Research Paper



This research paper ,called student participation development in university, was performed for the
purpose of recognition , of students participation development methods in Islamic Azad University
activities in educational , studentship research and cultural dimension with survey method . All
students (2700 people) and staff (701 members) from the University were statistic society for this
research and 475 number of students and 780 number of officers chosen on the basis of Morgan
sample volume determination table with systematic random method were statistic sample.The method
for collecting data in this research is the questionnaire.
After its experimental performance , its validity was calculated through the experts expressings and its
reliability was calculated through Kernbakh alfa . and its co-efficient is 92/. Obtained data from
performing questionnaire was calculated with descriptive statistics which includes plentifulness and
percentage , mean and standard deviation of examinable answers .
Factor analysis with inferential help has been used for students participation recognition and T test has
been used in order to compare tow groups of students and staff.
Obtained results from analyzed data in exploratory factor analysis way demonstrates that students 25
dimensions in educational affairs domain , student affairs domain , research affairs domain and in
cultural affairs domain which will be presented in detail in research findings segment . Also obtained
results from T test certainly demonstrate that 95% of students and staff of the University (karaj
branch) are unanimous about the students participation methods in university activities in educational ,
students , research and cultural dimensions which have been presented in research findings. In the
other words , there is not a considerable difference between the two mentioned groups in regard to the
students participation development ways .
Therefore it is suggested that , in order to develop students participation in university activities , the
grounds of excution of the presented ways in the present research should be provided .