Thinking about the distinctions and similarities between words and concepts in the field of futurology and to develop ways to overcome the confusion of words in the field

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant professor of knowledge and information science, arts and humanities faculty, lorestan university, khorramabad, iran (Corresponding Author)

2 Associate Professor knowledge and information science, psychology and educational sciences faculty, shahid Chamran University of ahvaz, ahvaz, iran.


The futures is discover and create through language And the issue of terminology and the
concepts and appropriate terminology has been a continuing challenge for the field of
futurology. The aim of this study philological and conceptual confusion in the field of
futurology. This is a descriptive study using library information and critical analysis is done. One aspect of futurology studies, attention to the terminology of the field. In this study the effect of different geographical and cultural origins of the historical process of the formation of
words realm of futurology is investigated. By analyzing the similarities and differences as well as futurology literature, general and particular relationships, and the realm of futurology and foresight activities is also provided. Finally, researchers have proposed the term futurology to call this science. This study tried to present an overview of the principles of linguistic philosophy and classification of definitions, a framework for thinking and reflection in dealing
with futurology words and their definitions is available to researchers.